Arkane Studios Level Design

Dishonored Series Level Designer

   I began working at Arkane Studios in Austin Texas in 2010, joining just as production of Dishonored was getting started. In February of the following year I joined Arkane's Lyon studio.

   During my time at Arkane I have had the opportunity to work on some incredible and memorable locations, challenges, and story moments, and was spoiled by an overabundance of talent to collaborate with.

Dishonored (2012)
Level designer of The Flooded District, with level architect Christophe Lefaure,
The last stage of this mission, the Old Port District Sewers, was designed by Ricardo Bare.
Later in the production I assisted Steve Powers with the level design of The Loyalists, with level architect Glen Martin.

DLC: Dunwall City Trials (2012)
Level designer of Burglary with level architect Geoffroy Espinasse, and Bend Time Massacre with level architect Christophe Lefaure.

DLC: The Knife of Dunwall (2013)
Level designer of Eminent Domain, which was based on the final prototype for Dishonored, with level architect Julien Authelet.
Later in the production, level design work for the Legal District streets map was handed over to Anthony Huso.
My layout for Daud’s base was re-used in The Surge by level designer Danny Becker.

DLC: The Brigmore Witches (2013)
Though I did not contribute to this production, my design for Daud’s base was once again used.

Dishonored 2 (2016)
Level designer of The Clockwork Mansion, with level architect David Di Giacomo, who was assisted early in the production by level architects Glen Martin and Erik Bakker.
Later in the production, level design of the Aventa District (Clockwork Streets) was handed over to Yoann Saquet.
I also contributed some “behind the scenes” design work to The Dreadful Whale, and rough prototypes of many of the other levels during pre-production.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (2017)
Level designer of The Bank Job, with level architect Valentin LeVillain, with contributions from Julien Authelet.
The Upper Cyria District, which was the work of level designers Johan Lalanne and Thomas Boucher and level artist Marc Bidoul, was re-used for this mission.
Later in production I was assisted by level designer Jocelyn Garcia.

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